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August is Vision & Learning Month!
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This year, we're urging parents to Keep Summer Learning in Sight because a comprehensive vision exam and a season full of vision-enhancing fun are the best ways to prevent summer learning loss and identify hidden vision problems that make it harder to learn when school starts in the fall!

The first step is the right exam.

comprehensive vision exam with a developmental optometrist is the first step in uncovering the link between a child's vision and any learning problems they may be struggling with unnecessarily. 

Start the school year right! 
Schedule a comprehensive vision exam.
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Hidden Vision Problems Block Learning

This recent article on WebMD features current COVD President Dr. Christine Allison and Immediate Past President Dr. Barry Tannen!

Choose Fun that's Learning-Safe

Brain injuries don't always look as obvious as losing consciousness, but they can still cause vision problems and interfere with learning and life.

The Eye Chart is NOT Enough!

This is why a comprehensive vision exam with a developmental optometrist is so important!

"20/20" Does NOT Mean Perfect Vision

Avoid years of unnecessary struggles in school by taking your child for a comprehensive vision exam!


Why "Vision & Learning"?

August was first declared Vision & Learning Month in 1995.  The overall goal of this national observance is to help increase awareness among parents and educators on the prevalence undiagnosed or misdiagnosed vision problems. Since the inception of this observance, cities and states have continued to make yearly proclamations of the month's significance.

Due to the incomplete nature of in-school eye screenings and the unfortunate truth that children are often unaware that what they see is abnormal, the campaign encourages parents to take their children in for a comprehensive vision exam every year.  Children with vision problems that are not diagnosed and treated may struggle in school and often go on to be adults with the same vision problems--children do not "grow out of" these difficulties.



VISIONary Toys Keep Kids Learning

 Read about toys and games that build visual skills and keep kids using their brains all summer! 


 Each year, state and local governments issue official proclamations that August is Vision & Learning Month!

Ready for Back-to-School? 
Not without a comprehensive vision exam!
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