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Vision Conditions

Learn more about the visual system and vision conditions.
Public Service Announcements
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It is our goal to reach the individuals who are struggling needlessly with undiagnosed and untreated vision disorders that interfere with reading, learning, and other activities of daily living. Our PSAs cover a broad range of topics and are available in 30 second and 60 second prerecorded spots, as well as text.

Please join our campaign by airing these PSAs on your radio station or sharing them through social media. For more information, please contact COVD.

Vision Problems Interfere with Reading and Learning

FACT: One out of four children struggle with reading and learning unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision problems. In addition, approximately 60% of problem learners have undiagnosed vision problems contributing to their difficulties.

August was designated as National Children’s Vision and Learning Month to help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms to watch for and resources available. These PSAs have been designed to be played year round, not just in August. Please help spread the word by airing these PSAs:






Audio File



   Vision and Learning  0:30  0:60  0:30  0:60  0:30 0:60
 Vision Therapy Works  0:30 0:60  0:30  0:60 0:30 0:60
   Sports and Vision  0:30 0:60  0:30  0:60  0:30 0:60

 3D Movies  0:30  0:60  0:30  0:60 0:30 0:60
 3D Movies & Children   0: 60    0:60   0:60

 Autism & Vision 0: 30  0:60  0:30  0:60  0:30  0:60

 Brain Injury 0: 30  0:60  0:30  0:60  0:30  0:60

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