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Vision Conditions

Learn more about the visual system and vision conditions.
August is Vision & Learning Month!
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Learn about the Connection between Vision & Learning!

What is Vision & Learning Month? 

August was first declared Vision & Learning Month in 1995. The goal of this national observance is to help educate parents and educators about the critical link between vision and learning. Since then, cities and states have continued to generate awareness by making yearly proclamations.

This Year's Proclamations


Could an undiagnosed vision problem be affecting your child's learning?

comprehensive vision exam with a developmental optometrist is the first step in uncovering the link between a child's vision and any learning problems they may be struggling with unnecessarily. 

Locate a Doctor
 near you to discuss a comprehensive exam that will check for hidden vision problems that may affect learning.


2016 Awareness Campaign

VT Patient Stories on our Blog, ​Mindsight


Success Stories from VT Patients

New Hope for Independence: Su-Jin's Story

From First-Grade Reading Speed to Law School: Darby's Story

No More Tummy Aches at Reading Time: Landon's Story

The Importance of Vision & Learning Doesn't End after Childhood: Adult VT


Week 4 - "Apparently, a little bit of a vision problem goes a long way toward making life more challenging than it needs to be."

Week 3 - "My practice at home this week between sessions was the first time I saw a marked, noticeable change in my vision."

Week 2 - "By following each line and hunting for certain letters in the nonsense words, I was essentially building up the same skills that kids have to master when learning to read."

Week 1 - "After more than 20 years of what I thought was 'perfect' vision, [it was] really enlightening as to how much help my vision really does need." 

Past Years' Campaigns



Press Releases 




Press Releases




Press Releases

August 1

July 8

June 3

Visions of Hope Video Contest

In 2013, COVD reached out to parents across the globe to share their personal stories through video. Watch the submissions below!

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